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.....Well, finding the most suitable doctor for a set of particular cause and requirements was not an assignment of that easy in Sri Lanka. Even though, Sri Lanka is in the top position in health sector compared to the region, a well defined source of information on how to find the correct doctor for the specific condition of health at a desired location in Sri Lanka is, unfortunately, not available. A few information centers available, also caters only to a limited number of private institutions located only in Colombo.
.....And you will be able to experience this valuable service in the real sense of the word very soon. We will offer you a remarkable medical service that you have never experienced before.
.....Of course, there are very talented, specialized doctors away from Colombo and well equipped medical centers and laboratories as well. But they are not that open to the public as there is no any proper source of information. Experiencing this emptiness of information, the idea of was first seen in a short meeting with UCSC top level ICT educators who are the first people in Sri Lankan information technology division with our management team.
.....At, our main mission is to setup a web of information, from each corner of Sri Lanka, about the availability of medical practitioners, medical facilities notwithstanding the geographical location in Sri Lanka. Our website will enable you to get an appointment from your selected doctor, to talk with the doctor and also have a chat with them if they are online, regarding your illnesses and the medical complication.
.....For the doctors all over the island, you can register with and update your profile, put your image, qualifications, achievements etc. so that any person looking for particular medical attention can contact you online or electronically or else at any place of your choice. And also we are going to setup a discussion forum for the doctors to share their experiences and ask for new findings from around the globe.
.....And you will be able to experience this valuable service in the real sense of the word very soon. The effort of team is to guide you to a remarkable medical service that you have never been exposed before where you can select your preferred doctor at the place of your choice all on line. So keep in touch and look for the updates daily and see how our service is growing.


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